What is CPAMS?

The Community Pharmacy Anticoagulant Service (CPAMS) allows you to have your warfarin treatment monitored at a local pharmacy. It is now possible for an accredited community pharmacist to perform INR tests using a point of care device and to make adjustments to your warfarin dose with the help of a decision support system. This provides a much faster and smoother process for warfarin management.



What is a point-of-care INR testing device?

A point of care device allows a pharmacist to perform an INR test by using just one drop of blood from the finger tip. The device will then calculate an accurate result within a matter of seconds. All pharmacist on the CPAMS service are using the Roche Coagu-Check XS Plus or Pro devices.
To find out more regarding these devices please visit CoaguChek XS Information Page.


Warfarin Dosing.

In CPAMS pharmacists use the INR Online computer system to aid them in warfarin dosing. These dose changes are made immediately after a test is performed removing the need to contact a patient later on to tell them of their new dose. A calendar can also be printed detailing what dose to take on every day of the month.



Is it safe?

Pharmacists are highly skilled in medicines management, and operate under a Standing Order agreement between them and local GPs. The GP retains overall responsibility for a patient’s management and can intervene at any time. The pharmacist is also able to consult with the GP regarding any abnormal or sudden changes in results. This service is offered as a collaboration between pharmacists and GPs for the benefit of the patient.

All results are sent to the GPs computer system so that they always have a clear picture of the treatment progress.


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